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  • GST Netherlands was founded by the Bos family. This Dutch family shares a long track record in the oil and chemical industry, as well as a passion for what they do. Over the years, this passion, knowledge and experience was passed on to the next generations which enabled GST Netherlands to assemble a team of experienced international professionals and surround itself with dedicated partners all over the world. Until today, this team and the trusted network we work with, is seen as the core of our business, giving us the capability to distribute quality products and services on a global scale. Moreover, our dedicated team of professionals and our network of partners and customers have been instrumental to the expansion of our business and the enhancement of our product portfolio.

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As a passionate family company, GST Netherlands' vision is to maintain, expand and connect our worldwide business network by holding on to our values, offering our in-depth knowledge to our (new) partners, and ensuring a wide range of quality products and services.


At GST Netherlands we strive to provide our clients with quality products and services, through our team of international specialists and global network of partners.

core values

As a family business we seek to build close relations with our partners and clients, with the aim of establishing a long-term collaboration. For building such relations, two elements are believed to be essential to us: good communication and trust. We have incorporated these elements into our way working by being transparent, making use of short lines of communication and listening carefully to the wishes and needs of our clients and partners.

On top of that, our passion for our business and our competitive nature drives us to deliver quality products to our clients while operating in the most responsible way in order to limit our ecological footprint. Underneath our core values are presented:







''We can proudly state that our partners share our values, principles and vision''

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